2014 Chaparral Stadium Video Crew

Formed in 2002, the Chaparral Stadium Video Crew quickly became an integral part of a fan's experience while at a Westlake varsity football game. The Chaparral Stadium Video Crew consists of 23 students ranging from freshman to seniors responsible for every aspect of the video production process. These students control the professional level equipment and in turn put out a professional level product each and every week, both as recorded footage and live to the new Chaparral Stadium video board.
The Chaparral Stadium Video Crew is quite busy throughout the fall with football season, they can be found every Friday night at the varsity football games setting up, filming, and tearing down. This crew puts out close to 80 DVDs a week of every game as well as a highlight video at the end of the season.

Want To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about what the Westlake Football Television Broadcast Crew does, or would like to view some examples of these talented kids' work follow the link below.
The Westlake Television Broadcast Crew is proud of the new Chaparral Stadium video board. With a complete night and day difference between it and the last video board, the TBC is working hard to provide fun, useful video replays and player shots for Chaparral fans at every Friday home game. We hope that through this season the new board can become an important part of every Chap's Friday night experience.