2013 - 2014 Leadership Team
The Technical Entertainment Crew prides themselves on being unique. One of the unique things about this organization is how much is student run. During the summer, the group of officers, including the president, vice presidents and the class representatives take a three day retreat where they meet and plan the coming year.

The TEC Leadership Team are an elected group of highly committed individuals who donate many hours of their lives to better the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew organization.

Pictures From 2013 Retreat

To build unity among the officers, prepare for the challenges of the upcoming year and beyond, and to ensure that this will be the best year yet for Westlake T.E.C.a retreat is held each year before the school year.

2013 - 2014
Leadership Team

President- Feroz James
Vice President- Jacob Rogers
Vice President- Akash Thaker
Vice President- Kara Fox
Vice President- Irena Martinez
Representative- Matthew Michael
Representative- Grayson Rosato
Representative- Isaac Frost
Representative- Zachary Thornburg
The Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew works together to put on professional-level productions while promoting leadership, camaraderie, and fun.