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The Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew works together to put on professional-level productions while promoting leadership, camaraderie, and fun.

Zenith 2014 Light Show

The TEC Mission Statement at Team Building Night

The above video is the most recent addition to the pieces created about TEC's Mission Statement. Created by TEC officer Irena Martinez and student Jackson Ruff, this video continues to raise the bar of the quality of TEC videos, while well representing the TEC mission, one of leadership, camaraderie, and fun.
Just recently, TEC and Westlake had their annual transition night! The two day event went off without a hitch and we had many intrested eigth graders come and check out our TEC booth. If you are an eigth grader viewing this or maybe just want to find out about how to get involved in TEC, visit our "Incoming Freshman" tab up above. You can find a lot of great information there about the class and what it really means to be a part of TEC.

Television Broadcast Crew: Season 11

The Westlake TV Broadcast Crew is excited to announce its 11th year of producing content for all home and away varsity football games! New this year is a state wide distribution on channel 1509 Time Warner Sports, 9am Sunday mornings. Go Chaps!

Who We Are...

Originally formed over a decade ago as the extracurricular arm of a small technical theatre program, TEC has grown to include over one-hundred members of the Westlake High School student body. It now has a direct impact on nearly every student in the district through its behind-the-scenes support of actors, athletes, and musicians alike.