The Westlake High School Television Broadcast Crew is in it's 12th season filming the Westlake Varsity football team, every Friday night at home or away. Since the beginning, this project has been about creating a product that the students leading and running the TBC can be proud of year after year. While building leadership and responsibility, each student has an immense sense of ownership of both the crew and the broadcast taking it upon him or herself to make each game the best it can be.
Watch Westlake football filmed by the WHS Television Broadcast Crew in HD every Sunday morning at 9am on Time Warner Cable Sports, channel 323.
Looking for game highlights from previous seasons?
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Westlake TEC

2014 Game Highlights

Westlake vs. Hays

Westlake vs. Akins

Westlake vs. Bowie

Westlake vs. Austin High

Westlake vs. Anderson

Westlake vs. Temple

Westlake vs. Carroll